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Valentine Idea: Day 12 – Wow Factor Desserts

Wow Factor Desserts – Wouldn’t one of these gorgeous desserts make a perfect ending to a well-thought- out Valentine menu? I know I would be impressed! Frozen Strawberry Souffles Big Love Butterscotch Cookie Berry Sweet Bouquet


Chocolate Covered Oreos + Label and Packaging Idea

For other procrastinators like myself, I thought I’d share this quick and tasty treat I made earlier this week. A search for “chocolate covered oreos” provided several good recipes and instructions (1, 2, 3), but basically I just melted a … Continue reading


Welcome (giveaway)!

Welcome to my new blog address! After much deliberation, I’ve finally decided to make the move to host my own site. It is far from being finished, but I realized that if I waited until it was “just right” I’d … Continue reading

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